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Illumineer's Quest: Deep Trouble
  • Illumineer's Quest: Deep Trouble


    With unprecedented power, an Ursula glimmer has unleashed her wrath across the relm of Lorcana. It's up to you and your fellow Illumineers to band together using your Disney Lorcana TCG decks to defeat the sea witch once and for all! 


    This box adds a new 1-2 Player game format to the Lorcana TCG. 



    • 1 Oversized Ursula Card 
    • 1 Ursula scenarion deck (50 cards) 
    • 2 prebuilt Lorcana TCG Decks (60 cards) 
    • 2 Oversized, double-sided battleground cards
    • 1 Deep Trouble Playmat 
    • 1 Ursula draw token 
    • 3 Lore tracker tokens 
    • 29 damage counters 
    • 1 Secret victory card 
    • Deep Trouble rules sheet

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