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Scotland Yard: Sherlock Holmes Edition
  • Scotland Yard: Sherlock Holmes Edition

    • High Quality Components – 1 game board, 29 start cards, 124 tickets, 6 movers, 10 character chips, 6 player boards, 1 travel log with pen and paper, 1 travel log strip, 1 visor, 3 bobby rings, 15 crime scene cards, and instructions!
    • Fun for Families and Sherlock Holmes Fans – Enjoyable for all ages (10+) and a hit at family game night. The original “hidden movement” board game promises excitement and suspense!
    • Quality You Trust – A beloved, award-winning game, the original Scotland Yard has sold more than 10,000,000 copies worldwide!
    • A Wonderful Gift – A great gift for fans of board games, mysteries, and the master detective himself, Sherlock Holmes!
    • Easy To Learn – Clear instructions mean you can start playing right away!