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What If (1989 2nd Series) #77

What If (1989 2nd Series) #77

SKU: A001

What If Legion Had Killed Magneto? One Dream, script by Benny Powell (Story) and Warren Ellis (Dialogue), pencils by Hector Gomez, inks by John Livesay and Mike Halblieb; Legion succeeds in killing Magneto in the past (thus negating his own existence as Maggie once saved his mother's life before he was born); Without the polarizing threat of Magneto to make the X-Men strong, they become little more than pro-mutant media figures; Thus, when Apocalypse and his forces attack, the X-Men are ill equipped to deal with the threat; Scott and Jean come out of retirement to join the fight but Jean ends up killing 100,000 people with the Phoenix force; As a result, the world now hates and fears mutants and Scott opens X-Mansion as a school to help repair the rift. Very good condition.

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